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Under UK law, it is illegal to try and make contact with an adopted child under 18 years of age.

Can you help to locate any of the missing persons listed here?

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Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Doreen Russell
Location:  South East : Hove
Message:  I am trying to locate Doreen Russell or any of her friends and family.Doreen was fostered to miss Alice Maude Payne in 1940 at the same time as my wife Margaret was fostered to Lucy Rachel Freeland who lived next door at 21 horntye road St. Leonards. Their mother was Peggy Eileen Russell.
Posted By:  Roger Kenyon on Monday 18 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Patricia 1937 Ancoats Hospital
Location:  North West : Manchester
Message:  I am looking for the birth family of my mother. She was born in Ancoats hospital on 13 May 1937 and adopted by the miles family in 1940. Please, can anyone help?
Posted By:  Rita Gurr on Sunday 17 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Lily Metcalfe
Location:  Ulster
Message:  Hi looking for my birth mother born Belfast 1956 Lily Craig. Her parents were a Thomas and Clara Craig She had a brother called Martin. Lily married and became Lily Metcalfe. Her husband was in the army. They had a daughter Tracy Metcalfe who i believe is now Tracy Roberts born 1974. I was born in belfast as Karen Goundry in 1976, when Lily had left her husband and had a brief relationship with my birth father who i know, but doesn't have a lot of information. Lily was from the Shankill Road area of Belfast. I know her last known address but seem to just keep hitting brick walls. They may be even in England now. Any help would be great thanks!
Posted By:  Karen Goundry on Sunday 17 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Tobias Gradinski
Location:  No Regional Information
Message:  Im looking for the above person he is my cousin, he has an older sister anna, His birth parents Ricky Gradinski and Glenis. I believe theres 2 other sisters Victoria and Rachael. Please get intouch. been looking for you all for along time.
Posted By:  Jacqueline Marlow on Sunday 17 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  My Father
Location:  Glasgow and Strathclyde : Kelvinside
Message:  I am trying to trace my Father, i was born at Oakbank hospital in 1964, to Elizabeth Scully and i was put up for adoption. I have 2 half sisters and a half brother on my mothers side. If anyone has any information on the above or if you lived in the Kelvinside of Glasgow around 1964 please get in touch. I have been given a possible name but im still not sure if it is the right name.The only name i have is their second name Stevenson....Its possible that Gerard Stevenson may be my brother.
Posted By:  Marion Le Drew on Sunday 17 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Patricia Miles Family
Location:  North West : Eccles
Message:  Looking for the Miles family who adopted my mother in April 1940. They lived in Winton, Eccles at the time. Would love to hear from them.
Posted By:  Rita Gurr on Sunday 17 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Barbara Beese
Location:  South West
Message:  Barbara Beese is my Niece born to my sister in January 1946 and i beleive was taken to ST Barnados childrens home in London , my name is Freda and although we were only babies together I would like to make contact , you have been on my mind since I was old enough to be told , will understand if you do not wish to make contact and I sincerley trust life has been kind to you . Freda Holz Australia
Posted By:  Freda Holz on Sunday 17 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Elizabeth Carlisle
Location:  Ulster : Markethill
Message:  I am looking for an Elizabeth Carlisle (on behalf of my father) who gave her son up for adoption, he was born on the 11/06/1953 in St Joseph's baby home belfast. His name is Peter, however i do not know if this was his original name.
Posted By:  Charlene Rooney on Saturday 16 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Morel Smith
Location:  South West
Message:  looking for half brother born 1951 bristol. adopted 1952? hereford. birth name Morel Robert Smith . Mum was only 17 and was made by her parents to have you adopted, never a day gone by when she hasent thought about you . if you are morel would love you to get intouch..
Posted By:  Valerie Terry on Saturday 16 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Marie Mcvay Picture
Location:  North East : Middlesbrough
Message:  I am looking for my sister Marie McVay. I was fostered at age 1yrs in 1961 and according to my sisters birth certificate she was adopted at birth in 1962. My birth mother and her sister lived in Middlesbrough during the 1960's. My mothers name is Margaret Rose McVay. I have spent approx 10 year trying to find my birth mother, since the death of my foster mother but to no avail. I have managed to find out I have a sister and cousin after 51years of not knowing if I had any birth family. I am now in contact with my cousin and found out he too had been fostered not long after birth. I would appreciate any help finding my sister from anyone who may have any information Thank you Trevor Pharaoh (Nee: Trevor McVay).
Posted By:  Trevor Pharaoh on Saturday 16 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Karen Tolmie(at Birth)
Location:  Glasgow and Strathclyde : Glasgow
Message:  Im looking to find my NIECE. I'm unsure about exact birth dates. possibly between 1960-1962. additional info year 1961 registared Partick GLASGOW her full sister would like to find her.
Posted By:  Margaret Tolmie on Saturday 16 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Duncan Ian ?
Location:  South East : Yateley
Message:  I am trying to find a brother I never knew I had until just before my mother died. She was put into the Yately Mother and Baby home, which had just opened in 1945/1946 depending how early in the pregnancy she would have gone there, by her parents/grandparents and never in my 62 years did she mention anything till just before she died last year but it explains so much about things in her and my life from then on. I have got as far as the birth certificate to know that the little she finally said has turned out to be true.The baby was born in March 1946.
Posted By:  Susan Powell on Friday 15 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Warbey Family
Location:  Greater London
Message:  I was born Darren warby on the 14th of may 1985 at hendon hospital. i don\\\'t know to much about my birth family but i do know i have older twin sisters. and that my biological parents weren\\\'t together by the time i was born. any info would be great, but not expecting a miracle. I have had a number of replies from loads of people so far, all with the same info regarding my biological family. it would take me ages to thank all of you one by one, so i would like to give a big thank you to all that have helped. you know who you are! thank you.
Posted By:  Steven Lindsey on Friday 15 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Doris (dorothy) Lillian Jackson
Location:  North East
Message:  I am helping my friend trace her birth sister. My friend was born Valerie Jackson,to Doris Lillian Parker, on 25th February 1943,and her birth certificate shows her father as Gunner Jackson. After spending some time in an orphanage she was fostered and grew up with the name Easton. She later found that she has 2 siblings. Nothing is known of the first sibling, born in 1940. However her younger sister, born Doris Lillian Jackson,in 1946, was adopted from the orphanage and had her name changed to Dorothy. Her birth mother lives/lived in the Elswick area of Newcastle on Tyne. Valerie has been unsuccessful in finding any information regarding her sisters adoption. She would love to find her sister and is waiting anxiously too hear any replies. Thank you, Eileen
Posted By:  Eileen Tait on Friday 15 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Graham Boyle
Location:  Yorkshire and the Humber : Sheffield
Message:  Looking for my half brother graham Boyle,parents are Ronald Boyle and lilian green,graham will have no knowledge of me as I was born after he was adopted,but do not share the same father
Posted By:  Joanne Woolley on Thursday 14 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Stanley J Freeman
Location:  East Anglia : Cambridge
Message:  I am looking for someone who's birth name is Stanley John Freeman. He was born on 31 Jul 1953 in Cambridge and was given up for adoption through an institute in bateman street, cambridge. His adoption parents were probable farmers living in cambridgeshire and could not have any children. Stanley Freeman is probable not his name now as his adoption parents might have changed it. We are at the moment, after more than one year, at a stage where 3 letters are sent to people who possibly can be the stanley we are looking for. At this stage we are still not allowed to know who they sent the letters to. The process is very slow so help would still be appreciated. Thanks for any help TYK
Posted By:  Tyk1986 Korving on Tuesday 12 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Gloria Bussey
Location:  East Anglia : Norwich
Message:  I have found records of Gloria through family history research. Her mother was Joan Bussey (my Aunt) from Norwich, Gloria was adopted some time after birth. I have no indications of her adoptive parents names. She would be 64 years old now. If Gloria (my cousin)is still out there or if anybody knows of her I would love to hear from you.
Posted By:  Michael Higginbottom on Monday 11 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Peter Ancliff
Location:  North West
Message:  I am seeking my birth father PETER ANCLIFF, from the Reddish/Gorton area of Stockport. My birth mother is Ann Dunn. Please advise of any information, thank you.
Posted By:  Janet Berger on Monday 11 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Jan May Derrick(before Adoption)
Location:  South West : Knowle
Message:  I am searching for my aunt who was born a Torrington Ave, Knowle, Bristol. She was adopted at about 1yr of age from 100 Fishponds rd. bristol. Her sisters are hoping to find her. Her mothers maiden name is showering.
Posted By:  Lisa Lemercier on Monday 11 June 2012

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Julie Phelps (birth Name)
Location:  West Midlands
Message:  Hi, I am trying to find my cousin birth name Julie Phelps. Born at Dudley Road Hospital Birmingham in May 1956. Her mother Patricia Phelps had her adopted from 27 Little Moor Hill, Smethwick. Unfortunately her mother passed away 2yrs later in an accident. Julie does have a half brother & extended family who would love to meet her. I would be really grateful for any info.
Posted By:  Amanda Ross-wallis on Friday 8 June 2012

Displaying : 1771 - 1790 of total 8146
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