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Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Andrew Lee Birth Name
Location:  East Anglia : Epping
Message:  Happy birthday.... 21st July 1969 If anyone knows of a friend or relative of Andrew... please make contact
Posted By:  Susan Lee on Tuesday 20 July 2010

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Patrick White Picture
Location:  East Anglia : Southend-on-sea
Message:  I have been looking for my friend Patrick White for over a year.His last known address was Southchurch Ave, Southend on sea. He may also be in the Westcliff on sea area.He suffers from seizures and is on medication. If anyone can help me locate him, I would appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks
Posted By:  Karen Blake on Sunday 18 July 2010

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Steve Wright
Location:  East Anglia : Lowestoft
Message:  I am still trying to locate my Father who I have not had any contact with since approx 2/3yrs old. I was living with my Mother Gerry/Geraldine Fletcher and my Grandfather in Enfield at the time. My mother married a serviceman (Foster) and have since divorced. My family now live in Norfolk whilst I am now married and live in Winchester. I would love to make contact with him, I'm fast approaching 37 (!) and would like to make contact. I understand that he works within the Gas/oil industry and used to drink in The Alderman in Lowestoft. If anyone can help me I would be overjoyed, its been a very very long search.. Many thanks, Sophie
Posted By:  Sophie Fletcher on Thursday 15 July 2010

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Julia Edwards
Location:  East Anglia : Walton On The Naze
Message:  My father Christopher John Morgan recently passed away and my mum (Joyce Anne Martin) would love to find her best friend from school who used to call her Fan instead of Anne. Julia's parents ran the grocery shop on Walton on the naze high st. She married and the name is something like BELONWAR (well that's how it sounds) If anyone has any information please contact me. I am Annes youngest daughter.
Posted By:  Debbie Northcott on Wednesday 14 July 2010

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Mary Sandra ??? Born 1944
Location:  East Anglia : Norwich
Message:  I am trying to trace my mother\\\'s birth parents. Unfortunately she died 3 years ago and I only have her adoption certificate at the moment. I know she was born in Norwich and adopted by a couple on 14th June 1946. I hope someone out there recognises her birth names as I don\\\'t know her original surname. I would love to see if I have any relatives on this side of the family and see if there are any family resemblances. I hope someone can help.
Posted By:  Frances Benning on Tuesday 13 July 2010

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Jason Edmond White
Location:  East Anglia
Message:  anyone knowing jays whereabouts can u get him to get in touch. lee needs his help
Posted By:  Pauline Kemm on Tuesday 13 July 2010

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Hayley Sophie Stephenson
Location:  East Anglia : Great Yarmouth
Message:  hope you have had a good life. if you want to get intouch please do.
Posted By:  Muriel Jackson (nee) Stephenson on Wednesday 7 July 2010

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Joan Dexter Bayley Jones
Location:  East Anglia : Eaton Ford
Message:  I have lost track of Joan in the last couple of years and would like to write to her again. Last known address 22 The Paddock. No reply to last letter.
Posted By:  Margaret Galdies on Saturday 3 July 2010

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Harold Eastwood
Location:  East Anglia : Stanground
Message:  I am looking for my cosuin Harold whom I have not seen since about 1997. Last known address 33 Porchester Close. Would like to resume contact with him and his son Mark and family.
Posted By:  Margaret Galdies on Saturday 3 July 2010

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Tracy Elizabeth Frost
Location:  East Anglia : Ipswich
Message:  My name is Nigel Frost and I am originally from Ipswich. I now live in the U.S. I have a daughter Tracy Elizabeth Frost who was born in July 1969. I have not seen or heard anything about her since she was 2 years old. She is now 41. Her mother\\\'s name is Barbara. We were divorced about 1971. Any information would be appreciated.
Posted By:  Nigel Frost on Monday 28 June 2010

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Conner Jacob Saul Blakely Mills
Location:  East Anglia : Shoeburyness
Message:  We are looking for our grand son Born Jan 27th 1997 in Rochford Hospital. His mothers name is Michelle and his fathers name is Stuart Blakely
Posted By:  Carol Blakely on Wednesday 23 June 2010

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Lisa Joynes
Location:  East Anglia
Message:  hi im trying to track down lisa joynes she was 18 in 1987 she was a nanny at great bealings hall. 22 years ago she found an abandoned baby on the road side on the great bealings road towards grundisburgh. please contact me with any information on tankgirl 880 @ hotmail. com
Posted By:  Lara Thomas on Tuesday 22 June 2010

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Emma Fox
Location:  East Anglia : No Town Information
Message:  hi i am looking for an old friend of mine,we lived in middleton an were neighbors,we was best friends b4 she was adopted,i have heard that she has changed her surname to her addopted familys,her real mum is debbie fox and her sisyer is mykalia fox i would so love to get bk in contact with her an have been trying for years.if anyone has any infomation big or small please contact methank you so much xx
Posted By:  Rebecca Beal on Saturday 19 June 2010

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Jim Wright
Location:  East Anglia : Tring
Message:  Looking for Jim Wright. He lived in Tring and worked at the Cement Works around 1959 - 1963. He used to drink in the Royal Hotel in Tring. At the time he was in his mid to late 30's tall with fair to Blonde hair. Please contact if you have got any information on him or any family linked to him.
Posted By:  Georgina Long on Friday 18 June 2010

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  John(jack)darnell
Location:  East Anglia
Message:  Seeking Jack Darnell aged 73?..Last seen by his family in Hitchin Hertfordshire circa 1963.Hertfordshire is only a starting point,he could be anywhere.His sister betty,now in Australia is trying once again to make contact after many attempts.
Posted By:  Manuel(mannie)bone on Thursday 17 June 2010

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Pamela Butcher
Location:  East Anglia : Tilbury
Message:  mum since the last time i saw you ive thought about nothing else but seeing you again im having a baby your grandchild please get in touch i love you xxx
Posted By:  Linda Ann Donnelly on Wednesday 16 June 2010

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Diane
Location:  East Anglia : Gorleston
Message:  Diane and Christine - Unisex hairdressers in Gorleston in the early seventies owned by Christine Emmett employed a hairdresser Diane. They both used to give demonstrations at Potter's Holiday Camp. Both were good friends of mine and I would love to know how they are doing. I think Diane lived on Englands Lane. If anyone knows either lady could they pass this on. I would be very grateful. Thanks Everyone.
Posted By:  Stuart Wilson on Tuesday 15 June 2010

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Stella Maurveen Roper
Location:  East Anglia : Ipswich
Message:  Thank you all for replying so quickly to my query. I was hoping that someone in the family might know who my birth father is,as I have no idea. It does not mention him on my adoption certificate. As I no longer live in the UK It is difficult for me to find out these things. So if any of the family know I would be most grateful if they could let me know
Posted By:  Valerie Hall on Saturday 12 June 2010

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Christopher Howard Garside
Location:  East Anglia : Luton
Message:  i am looking for my brother he lived in luton then moved to hemlp hemstead he caming to my wedding on the 5th of may 1981 at luton and then e had wedding repction at my nans in farley hill please get can any one help
Posted By:  Kathleen Amanda Swinford on Friday 11 June 2010

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Stella Mauveen Roper
Location:  East Anglia : Brightlingsea
Message:  I am looking for my birth mother.I was born on November 13 1945. I only know her maiden name I was christened Jacqueline Roper by her.I was adopted by a couple who lived in Wales. I realize she might be dead by now, but I would welcome any information regarding her,any sibling I may have or any family belonging to her.
Posted By:  Valerie Hall on Friday 11 June 2010

Displaying : 801 - 820 of total 1837
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