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Person you are contacting: Valerie Boardman
Person being sought: Beverly Heaton
Message: Hi dear Beverley /or beverley williams , williams might be your married name now.???? I done know, but these was the replys TO ME in 2011 and 2012 from you. I am REPLyING to your lasts messages to me notice, that you repled to my post,that I made in 2011, regarding the search, of beverly heaton, my baby daughter I had give up adoption in July 6th 1978. you was born in warrington, general Hospital, I was in a mother and baby hostel, at the time due to being homeless, and no were to live and didnt have Any parents to surport me. my brothers was fostered and taken into care. I did leave some contact information at southport adoption trace in case you wanted to find me,.Y ou said in your reply to me you wanted answers,. ive always wonderderd if you were happy with your adopted family. I did it for the best to give you a good life that I coudnt give you. last time I saw you, you was 6 weeks old, you real birth mother was valerie Heaton at that time/// I am Happly married now my name is valerie boardman , I have 4 grown up kids and a grandchild on the way. I believe you said you have a son of your own now . ,. yOU repled back to me in 2011 and 2012. unfortinately reply error on this site. :( I cant reply back. recently ive contacted long lost family ITV series to help me with my search for you. I dont even know if you stil use this site? or not . I hope you will come back here on this site and find this message. from what you told me, and what I told you I think there might be some connection, as I think I am your real birth mother. Thing is now how do we trace each other and get some sort of contact.via email / I did try and put my email on here, but site rules I CANT. Onl YOU can send YOUR email via reply message in your reply button. I,LL continue to pray to god and hope .I can even leave a phone number in the post.obvously for my own safety. Try this val2334 @ dot com is a ilegal cant put full email in the post. I can give you the southport number, they might give you my details to were I live and find me. I did leave some in formation there at the office ///0300231837 also I have facebook acount djvalevis/ aka/ valerie boardman. yours truly mum xxxxxx

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