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Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Eleanor Mcneeley
Location:  Ulster : No Town Information
Message:  I know this is a really long shot and although im not expecting contact i would just like to say sorry, in 1997 i left the country to peruse my career in the forces leaving you and almost everyone else i knew behind and more importantly words of pain and regret unresolved between us. For this i am eternally sorry and can only hope you somehow get this message. Having recently got back in contact with Ryan Simmons and a few others from waaay back in the annals of our past my thoughts turned to you and how we left things.with a little hope you will someday read this and know that i was young stupid and acted rashly letting ego spoil a 4 year relationship with possibly the only person in the world who meant anything to me at that time. For now i'll put on my Blue suede shoes and wait for my plane and hold on to Pandora's last gift with you in mind.
Posted By:  Alan Gamble on Wednesday 14 January 2009

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