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Aleksandrs Jegorovs Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Aleksandrs Jegorovs
Location:  East Anglia : Diss
Message:  I met a Russian man in a psychiatric hospital called Wedgwood in Bury St Edmunds a little over half a year ago. He was a cleaner in Thetford but I am lead to believe that he moved to Diss, perhaps doing the same job. I\\\\\\\\\\\\`m not sure if I have spelt his surname right, it was something like Jegorovs or Jerkunovs. I would describe him as 5\\\\\\\\\\\\`5, dirty blonde hair - short with a full fringe. I\\\\\\\\\\\\`m extremely worried about his welfare/safety due to the nature of why he was in hospital (heroin) and above all I just miss him terribly. He never had any visitors and I think he is quite alone in this country so I desperately need to make sure that he is okay and alive at the very least.
Posted By:  Emily Kruse on Monday 11 September 2017


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