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Barbara Ann Roberts Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Barbara Ann Roberts
Location:  Greater London : Wandsworth
Message:  I'm searching for my Biological mother Barbara Ann Roberts formerly Taylor who was very ill when i was a baby, so did the right thing and put me up for foster care. My name is sarah watson. im married now and my surname is heath. my birth name is watson. please help if you can. Thanks sarah.
Posted By:  Sarah Heath on Tuesday 7 April 2009

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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Barbara Ann Roberts
Seeker:  Sarah Heath
Location:  West Midlands : 21145
Message:  I was fostered at 6 months old and am searching for my natural mum. who was very ill when she gave me up . I dont blame her for anything, i would just love the chance to meet her. Im sarah jane watson, foster surname is Riddick. If any one can help i would be very grateful.
Date:  Tuesday 7 April 2009
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