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Cynthia/christine Dodsworth Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Cynthia Christine Dodsworth
Location:  North East : Newcastle Upon Tyne
Message:  Thanks for the replies to my previous post. According to the information that Raymond has been given the Cynthia that you have found seems to be to old as he was told by his mother that she was only 16. I have been through his mother\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s papers and can find nothing about his adoption or his sister\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s( who came from a different birth mother), it appears that his mother never kept any of the adoption certificates, we do have his birth certificate that he got when his mother registered him and it just gives his date of birth and the year that he was registered. I know that a few years ago he asked his mother and she told him that his birth mother came from Leith and he along with his brother in law went to Leith but they could not even find the street that his mother gave him and he did say that when they asked people nobody seemed to have heard of it. I was once in the same position as him but at the opposite end. I had my daughter adopted in 1972, and I have a copy of the adoption certificate. My daughter found me and I have have just found out that she actually posted on here but I never saw it as this is the first time that I have been on this site, she found me through my other daughters on facebook, and I think that this is what has Ray start to wonder again about his birth mother.I have looked on Ancestry site for Ray and we did find something that was similar although the birth record states the name as Bary Dodsworth when you actually look at the image it looks more like Gary so I think the person that copied this mistook the G for a B, also another odd thing we can find no record for Ray went he was registered by his adopted mum although he does have a birth certificate. We were unable to find one for his sister either. I find birth records for my daughter when I registered her in 1972 and then one for her went she was registered by her adopted parents in 1975 so Ray has started to think there is something sinister about his adoption. I know his adopted mother ( I will call her Theresa) was very reglious and he wonders if his adoption was handled by the church. There is times he feels as if something is missing from his life and his mother has lied to him about some of the information. I will keep trying to look for him and also look at some of the things that you have mentioned. As I said before any information helps. One thing I have found out is that the mother and baby home was called Hopedene and it was run by the Salvation Army so I may try contacting them to see if they can help with any information although the home closed down along time ago. Thanks again
Posted By:  Lorraine Cooke on Wednesday 6 July 2011

similar missing persons

Category: Adoptions
Name:  Cynthia Christine Dodsworth
Seeker:  Lorraine Cooke
Location:  North East : 6803
Message:  Hi to everyone that has replied to my posts. Ray has remembered that his mum told him that his birth mother lived in either a Tweedsmuir House or a Tweedsmuir Road Leith and as I said before he once went to Leith with his brother in law and could never find anywhere with this name, he said they even asked in the police station but they had never heard of it. He also remembers a woman called Mrs Hedley coming to their home to see him and his mum and also going to see her in a building in South Shields but he said he doesn't remember much else. My guess is she could have been the social worker. I am going to send for a copy of his adoption certificate as you suggested Tim. Was wondering is there anyway we can find out if there was a tweedsmuir house or road in Leith in the 60's. Once again thanks to everyone and will keep you informed.
Date:  Friday 8 July 2011
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