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Eric Bean Missing Person

Category: Armed Forces - Army
Seeking:  Eric Bean
Location:  South East : Ashford
Message:  hi,im looking for my old friend eric bean,we met in 1969 when he was stationed at palace barracks belfast,i heard that he got married before he was posted to germany. i would dearly like to catch up on how he is. if any one has any info please get in touch.thank you.Bridget whitehouse nee doherty
Posted By:  Bridget Whitehouse Nee Doherty on Friday 23 October 2009

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Category: Armed Forces - Army
Name:  Eric Bean
Seeker:  Bridget Whitehouse Nee Doherty
Location:  South East : 10660
Message:  hi im looking for my old friend eric bean,he was in the 2nd queens regiment stationed in palace barracks around 1969 where we met.i heard from some of his friends that he got married before being posted 2 germany,i would dearly love 2 catch up on old times.Bridget Whitehouse nee doherty
Date:  Tuesday 10 November 2009
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