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Family Of Mona Barlow (nee Roberts) Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Family Of Mona Barlow (nee Roberts)
Location:  North Wales : Greenfield
Message:  Hope there is someone that will be able to help. I am looking for the family of my maternal grandmother. Nothing sinister just doing the family tree and would like some help so that I have something to show my children (when i have some) where they come from. I know there were at least 8 children Mona B-1919 and Ethel B-1916 think they lived in Bryn Celyn, Greenfield and then Mona moved to Basingwerk Avenue (where she lived until 1986 and she moved with her 2nd husband to Holywell). One of their brothers lived accross the road, He was a clock maker repairer and his wife was called Janet. From what I can remember Nan telling me he would have been the baby of the family Albert, Arthur something beginning with A can't remember all told to me too many years ago. Please help if you can
Posted By:  Adele Roberts on Tuesday 24 February 2009


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