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Marshall Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Marshall
Location:  North West : Southport
Message:  My name at birth was Karen Deborah Marshall. I was given up for adoption from birth around the Southport area. I do not know the names of my birth parents but if you are reading this it would be good to know more about you. I was brought up by wonderful adoptive parents and could not have asked for a happier family so have no regrets.
Posted By:  Susan Kay on Friday 4 May 2012

similar missing persons

Category: Adoptions
Name:  Pamela Jane Marshall
Seeker:  Andrea Parkinson
Location:  North West : 7345
Message:  I am trying find information regarding Pamela Jane Marshall the birth mother of a boy named Andrew Mark Marshall by his mother born 23.10.66 at Stepping Hill Hospital, she was living on Garners Lane, Stockport at the time of the birth.
Date:  Sunday 16 August 2009
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Johnathan Mutler Or Marshall And Zanedun Marshall
Seeker:  Andrea Marshall
Location:  Ulster
Message:  Im helping my husband look for his half brother born JOHNATHAN MUTLER 22/07/82 in Peterborough Cambridgeshire England. His surname might now be MARSHALL. And his half sister ZANEDUN MARSHALL born 24/02/85 in Retford Nottinghamshire. Their parents were Verdun and Maureen Mutler but changed the name to Marshall. They were both put into care in the late 80's
Date:  Friday 20 March 2009
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Jessica.katherine.alice.marshall
Seeker:  Simon Marshall
Location:  South Wales
Message:  hi i am looking for my three daughters . eldist would be 15 years old now . i am there birth farther.i no my x wife re married in 2003 to a DUDLEY JG SMITH in galmorgan in wales . but they may have moved. my x wifes name is SANDRA DIANE now SMITH maiden name CANTRILL dob 30/09/71. she has family living in nottingham area . her mum and dad both work for national health service in this area .and two sisters living in weymouth in dorset area . i have tried facebook but no joy,just got rejected on the friend request etc etc but i wont give up .. thank you for reading this post.MY NAME IS SIMON MARSHALL. living in bracknell berkshire.
Date:  Wednesday 24 October 2012
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Charlotte Marshall
Seeker:  Mark
Location:  West Midlands : 19407
Message:  met her kind of on holiday in july on cruise ship. she origionally from scotland but moved to newcastle because her dads job. Please let me know if anyone knows her think shes about 17/18?
Date:  Thursday 24 July 2008
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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Christine Marshall
Seeker:  Laurence Barber
Location:  Edinburgh and The Lothians
Message:  Looking for Christine Marshall (birth name) born about 1940, and adopted in the Edinburgh area. Mothers name was Ruth Marshall
Date:  Sunday 31 January 2010
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