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Michael Hellicker/Hellicar Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Michael Hellicker Hellicar
Location:  Edinburgh and The Lothians : No Town Information
Message:  Dear Michael K Hellicker I keep posting. We so much want to find you. You were born in the third quarter of 1966. Your natural Mum was called Cooling from Totnes, Devon. My Mum fostered you for a long time. We took you to the Orthopaedic to have your 6th toe removed from one of your feet. Sadly, eventually the old Welfare department took you away to be fosterd into a wealthier family. The Welfare lady put you in to the back of her car and then came back and asked my Mum for some dung manure for her garden. it is so sad. We have always missed you and wondered where you went. I am now 48. You were special to us. Where the helll are you. You must be nearly 42. I think you went to a Services family. I would so much like to know where the dear little boy went and how you are now. Take care.
Posted By:  Margaretvaughan on Saturday 7 June 2008


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