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Found on Missing-You

Second Mothers Day  Found
2 months ago 
I was adopted at five days old. Found my birth mother after 45 years through this site. Thank you. If anyone here needs advice please contact me, I am semi r...
by johnny wallman
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I Found My Adopted Son After 45 Years, I Wish I Never Found Him.  Found
6 months ago 
I found my son after 45 years after he was adopted at 6 months. He was an heroin addict from 15 years old stole from shops or anywhere he could. Tried workin...
by Denis Steele
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Missing Father Found  Found
7 months ago 
For 53 yrs I didnt know who my father was, when I got the name from my mother via an aunt, within 1-2 weeks I had got so much more info, with my local regist...
Instant Success  Found
8 months ago 
I was looking for two of my nieces I had lost contact with over 45 years ago. Posted my message on 30th May received reply on 31st May with information that ...
by Maureen Staniforth
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