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Christopher Cooper Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Christopher Cooper
Location:  No Regional Information : No Town Information
Message:  Hi I'm looking for my birth father christopher Cooper I've been looking round areas where he used to live since I was 12. He was born in Middlesbrough and was living there not sure if he is still there tho and my mum hates the fact that I want to know my dad. I was asking questions since the age of 10. She told me that he liked going to the pub with his friends and that he worked in a garage. Only thing is was when I was looking for something in my mum's room and I came across my birth certificate and as soon as I saw my father's name again I'm determined not to give up. It said he was born in Middlesbrough and was a fruit seller/assisstent before I was born and that was what he was working as. I really what to find him if anyone knows anything please let me know my e-mail is All I have of him are three pictures. One of me and him together that I keep in my phone case as I love looking at it I also have one of when I was crissened and the third one is also of me and him. As much as I love looking at the photos but I'm tired of living in the past I really need to find out about him for myself. Any information will be appropriated thank you
Posted By:  Bethany Johnstone on Thursday 1 September 2016


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