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Patricia Patterson Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Patricia Patterson
Location:  Ulster : No Town Information
Message:  looking for the family of patricia (called herself lyn)Patterson. she lived in 107 forth river drive belfast and her parents where called Elizabeth and john. she had a son called garren and then had another in august 1971 called jonathan.this son was given to the paternal grandparents when he was 6 days old and has never met his mother or brother.the grandmother died when jonathan was 5 so at age 10 he came to live with myself , I'm his aunt on his dads side. I believe she went on to have more children and rumour has it she went to America. we don't know if she had any brothers or sisters or aunta and uncles . any info wouold be very helpful
Posted By:  Sandra Pugh on Monday 25 July 2016


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